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About Me & What I Do

Call me a teacher…call me a traveler…call me a writer-or all three. I have many different jobs that I enjoy doing, and I have found a way to incorporate all of them into one. I love working with children, getting to live in other countries, and writing about all my experiences, as a freelancer.

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Phone: +1-631-882-4974
Email: hanalarock@gmail.com



Expert Copywriter

“I’ve been working with Hana for about 8 months. She writes a weekly blog post for our cyber security website, and other marketing pieces from time to time. Hana provides consistent, prompt, and professional articles to help move my business forward. I’m always impressed when I ask her to write something specific about the tech/IT/security industry; she is able to research the topic and then write a great article about it. I highly recommend Hana!”