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Hi! I’m Hana. I’ve been a freelance writer for five years as well as a teacher. Though I was born and raised in Long Island, New York, I consider the world to be my home. I currently live in Toluca, Mexico, but I’ve lived in Israel and South Korea where I had the opportunity to travel Southeast Asia extensively. When I’m not writing, I enjoy scrapbooking, cooking, watching documentaries, reading memoirs, and spending time with my boyfriend and our dog, Enano.

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Don’t put your writing tasks on the back burner. Writing can take a lot of time. Why not hire someone to take the load off?

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There are all different types of writing jobs out there. Though writing is a skill and a talent, it’s also a line of work that takes the experience to get it right. You don’t have time to waste when it comes to looking for the right person for the job. You’re already in the right place.

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Tell Me More About Your Project

Don’t put your writing tasks on the back burner. Writing can take a lot of time. Why not hire someone to take the load off?

Where Will Writing Take You?

You need to make sure that the content your business produces is getting to the people it needs to get to. With WordPress, SEO, and Marketing experience, we’ll get your article to be read and shared by wider audiences.

Content Writing

Do you need a content writer for your website? Someone, to help you bring in more leads while engaging the audience you already have? I can help. Whether you have topics already in mind that you need me to organize into an engaging piece, or you need help from the very beginning, we’ll work together to make your website unbeatable. I can deliver as many articles you need per month on a consistent basis.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Are you thinking about applying for a new job? When was the last time you updated your resume? Nowadays, employers want to see a resume that stands out from all the rest. They want to see a cover letter that gets to the core of who you are as a worker, and how you’re going to fit into their particular business culture. It sounds easier than it is. We’ll work together to come up with the best cover letter and resume to help you land the job.

eBook Writing

Ebooks are a great way to share a person narrative or provide your subscribers with downloadable content. Whatever the goal of your eBook is, it takes a team to make sure it’s good to go. Let me work with you to make sure your eBook is in perfect shape before you release it, or hire me to write the whole thing!


Maybe you’ve already got the writing part down. You know how to put a good piece together in no time at all, but you know perfectly well that you could look it over and over again and still be worried about one little typo. Let me take a look at it. I’ll clean it up, check for grammar, shorten it or elongate it.

Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to grab life by the horns? If it’s time for you to be your own boss and make decisions about YOUR career and YOUR life, then no one understands better than me. Whether you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer yourself or you want to take another route, let me help you pave the way for a completely new life. If working remotely is your goal so you can spend more time with your family, live where you want, travel whenever, or just be stress-free, sign up for some lifestyle coaching.


You know you’re in need of some type of writing service, but it doesn’t necessarily fit into the other categories. That’s okay! When it comes to writing, there really are no categories. Just give me an idea of what you’re in need of, and we’ll work together to get it done.

Some Of My Happy Customers

“I’ve been working with Hana for about 8 months. She writes a weekly blog post for our cyber security website, and other marketing pieces from time to time. Hana provides consistent, prompt, and professional articles to help move my business forward. I’m always impressed when I ask her to write something specific about the tech/IT/security industry; she is able to research the topic and then write a great article about it. I highly recommend Hana!”

Ian , Smeester & Associates

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Tell Me More About Your Project

Don’t put your writing tasks on the back burner. Writing can take a lot of time and patience. Why not hire someone to take the load off?

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